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Almost everyone in marketing is familiar with this famous John Wanamaker quote:

The premise of this quote can be applied to many other tactics in marketing other than just advertising. Over the years at Web Ad.vantage, we have found ourselves helping clients muddle through the answers to this question by providing online marketing audit and assessment services of the work that they themselves or another third party have done. In effect, we performed tactically-specific SWOT analyses for our clients.

Because our clients have found these audits and assessments so helpful, we now offer them as a powerful suite of standalone services:

These analyses really grew from our desire to understand the lay of the land before we started advising our clients to do a given tactic or to change this or that (with the cost and aggravation to the client that often come along with such changes). In other words, we're the kind of agency that really believes it's our responsibility to spend our clients' money wisely (or help them spend it wisely).

Our online marketing audit and assessment services are meant to answer such burning questions as:

  • We've been doing online marketing for a while now, but we don't even know if we're using the right tactics or resources and budget allocations to these tactics—can you help us evaluate our online marketing approach to-date?
  • We feel like we're driving a lot of traffic to our website, but it's not generating us the kind of qualified leads or sales that we'd expect—what's wrong?
  • We've done search engine optimisation on our website but we're not seeing the kind of improvements in our rankings as we'd expect—why?
  • We have Google Analytics on our website but really don't look at it too often or know how to make much sense of it—what do we need to know and what are we missing?
  • When it comes to social media, we created accounts but we really don't know if we're using them optimally—can you help us navigate these waters?

Do these questions sound familiar? Learn more about our online marketing audit and assessment services by calling 0402 165 128 or submitting an Online Request for Proposal.


The quality of Web Ad.vantage's work and the professionalism their team displayed is what really sets them apart from the crowd. They took the time to really understand our business model and our site architecture. Their recommendations were well thought out and presented with specific examples and action

--Dan Auer, CEO & COO
Decorative Product Source, Inc.

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