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Blog Audit

Submit an Online RFPWhether the focus is B2B or B2C, a blog is a marketing tool that should provide true value to your audience and ultimately help grow your business. But companies often sink time and resources into maintaining a blog without giving much consideration to strategic execution. A Blog Audit can help align your blog to your company's marketing objectives and identify significant opportunities for improving its performance.

From higher search engine rankings to increasing your site traffic, blogging for your organisation has many benefits. Our Blog Audit can help ensure you're taking full advantage of the blog tools and tactics that are available. Is your blog reflective of your brand? Does your blog content do more than just drive traffic?

Our Blog Audit service can:

  • Improve blog optimisation for more traffic and subscribers
  • Identify search engine optimisation issues that may be affecting your blog’s visibility
  • Integrate your blog more effectively with social media
  • Improve your blog’s readability
  • Reveal which blog content is underperforming
  • Improve syndication and distribution of your blog content
  • Identify blog lead generation opportunities you may be missing
  • Assess blog tools and tactics you should be taking advantage of
  • Analyze competitor blogs you need to watch

Our Blog Audit includes an extensive, objective review of your existing blog, its content, and content management system (CMS). We provide you with a detailed report that includes our unbiased feedback, analysis, screen shots, and specific recommendations/examples for improving your blog with respect to your blog marketing goals and objectives. Our Blog Audits typically take no more than 30 days to complete.

Do you want to see greater ROI from your blog? Our Blog Audit gives you the critical feedback you need to make your blog perform better for your business. Give us a call at 0402 165 128 or contact us via our Online Request for Proposal form to learn more.


Thanks to Web Ad.vantage, our search engine positioning has improved substantially and has maintained high levels throughout our SEO relationship. 

--Greg Lazzaroni, CEO

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