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Web Analytics Analysis

Ask a roSubmit an Online RFPomful of ordinary businesses if they have web analytics on their website and you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who answers "No" these days. But ask them if they regularly review this information, and some hands are likely to fall. Then ask if they really dive deep into and understand all this data, and very few hands will remain raised.

Web Ad.vantage can provide a solution for this problem. For more than a decade, we've been providing Web Analytics Analysis to our clients. Why? Because website analytics reveal so much to marketers, if only you know what to look for and how to make sense of it. Our Web Analytics Analysis service gives you an in-depth view of your site's analytics aligned from the perspective of your marketing goals and objectives so you can effectively measure and evaluate the performance of tactics like search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) search engine advertising, online media, email marketing, social media, mobile marketing and even off-line initiatives.

Web Analytics Analysis can reveal:

  • Trends in traffic, site usage, and visitor behavior
  • Referrals from search and other sources
  • Which online marketing tactics are working best (or not at all)
  • Audience engagement levels
  • Gaps or weaknesses in your lead/conversion funnel
  • How well site content is performing
  • Bounce rates and page abandonment rates
  • New keyword opportunities

All Web Ad.vantage Web Analytics Analysis services include a comprehensive review of your site’s analytics data with a deliverable in the form of a detailed report summarizing key findings alongside recommendations for improvement. We’ll work with you to define key performance indicators that capture the data that matters most in your campaigns and pinpoint the timeframe and delivery schedule of each report. Our Web Analytics Analysis helps you draw actionable conclusions and define new online strategies that pave the way for success…and don’t you want your website to be a success?

Do you desire a deeper understanding of your website’s analytics that goes beyond just reporting traffic? Our Web Analytics Analysis gives you the insight you need to clearly understand your online marketing performance. Give us a call at 0402 165 128 or contact us via our Online Request for Proposal form to learn more.


The reason we started working with Web Ad.vantage was because Glass Jacobson needed a way to provide data on the ROI of our website and digital marketing efforts. After more than a year of Web Ad.vantage\'s quarter-over-quarter web analytics analysis, we have more than validated our efforts. 

-Sarah Janowitz Sedlak, Director of Business Development
Glass Jacobson

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