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Web Ad.vantage delivers fierce digital strategies, analyses and marketing tactics to aspiring, driven brands with a burning desire to compete. Poised to help you strike at the right moment, we create, implement and measure outcomes-based strategies that produce quantifiable results and challenge the status quo.

Digital is All We Do

Let’s be clear: Web Ad.vantage occupies a niche. We provide digital marketing consulting and the tactical services that are unique to this space. We help companies and institutions figure out how to use the Internet as a marketing channel, whether that’s through online advertising, social media, search, email mobile or other digital solutions.

A Digital Partner Who “Gets It”

The convergence of new and ever-innovative technologies and platforms has resulted in a fragmented digital marketplace that is increasingly more difficult for brands to understand, let alone go to market successfully. Web Ad.vantage is an established digital marketing agency that, since 1998, has embraced a direct response mentality in the development of its clients strategies and campaigns. We help our clients not only navigate these waters, but thrive amidst a culture of constant change and a fiercely competitive landscape.

To achieve our clients’ objectives, we reverse-engineer based on targeted metrics…and if clients don’t know these metrics, we can determine them through testing. In an industry cluttered with business that profit from their customers’ inexperience, Web Ad.vantage is not just another vendor but a digital marketing partner you can trust. Don’t just believe us—believe our clients.

Our Team

Dana White, President & CEO, heads the Web Ad.vantage team with strong leadership and the experience obtained from more than 25 years in the sales and marketing industry. Each member of the Web Ad.vantage team brings special skills, knowledge and past experiences to the company table. We’re an energetic and enthusiastic bunch, spending a lot of serious time online but balancing it all with a good-natured sense of humor and a lot of fun. We spend our days keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing world of digital advertising so that you can spend your time running your business.

We are devoted to helping your business meet your goals, providing unique and specific expertise while working seamlessly together to promote your site. Learn more about our team of experienced marketing professionals.

Awards & Affiliations

Web Ad.vantage is proud to have received its fair share of rewards and recognition over the years. A pint-sized powerhouse, our desire to be great instead of big has earned us a reputation for being a “Small Giant,” a distinction we embrace proudly. Since 2008 Web Ad.vantage has been recognized by TopSEOs as one of the Top 10 Best Social Media Companies.

Our President and CEO, Dana White, an SBA Small Business Person of the Year,was also named the “Distinguished Business Innovation Entrepreneur” by University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business. Dana was also honored byEnterprising Women magazine with an "Enterprising Woman of the Year Award" in the "more than $1 million and up to $5 million" category. Take a look at our complete list ofAwards & Affiliations for more.

Bring It On!

We’re always up for a challenge—what’s yours? Give us a call today at 0402 165 128 and tell us all about it.

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