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Digital Marketing Perth

"Digital is Hard"

At Web Advantage, we hear this statement a lot. And it's more true now than ever. Digital marketing is a moving target. Do you focus on Search? Email? Social Media? Mobile? Display? Local? Video? (You get the picture.) Here, online marketing is all we do. Our job is to steer you on the right course to improve your market reach and bottom line. We make the "hard" stuff easy, so it's one less thing for you to agonize over. We build online strategies based on sound analysis of your past digital marketing activities and real data. We can manage your Digital Marketing program from conceptualisation to actualisation.

Here are just some examples of what we've achieved for our clients:

  • Saved a client nearly $750,000 in annual expenses by proving, through a Digital Marketing Audit, that the majority of converting site traffic came from organic versus paid search
  • Through an Online Media Analysis, a client's campaign increased conversion rate by 89%
  • Increased search engine visibility from 0% to 77% for organic listings
  • Generated a 3-week-long paid search campaign that generated 333% more traffic than average
  • Developed an integrated online marketing campaign that increaed site engagement by 90% while reducing the cost-per-engagement by 50%

The programs you and your team have developed for us continue to exceed my goals and prove to be the most powerful tools in our marketing set. It's a partnership that I truly appreciate, both for the quality of the work and the quality of the people.

Tourism Australia - Tom Rowe
Director of Web Marketing
Tourism Australia
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Your Marketing Challenge

Digital strategy versus tactics. Which tactics? How to allocate budget and resources to which tactics? How to know what to expect in terms of performance from tactics and in what time frame? How to measure performance?

Web Advantage takes a strong, strategic approach to online marketing so you can increase your leads, sales and bottom line while reducing fears of wasted expense. Here are some ways we can help you strategically:
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Our Tactical Solutions

As one of the earliest pioneers in digital marketing, Web Advantage brings over 14 years of pragmatic, honest, performance-driven digital marketing experience to the equation.

We can just help you with your digital strategy, or we can execute on specific online marketing tactics such as:
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