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Learn from over ten years of professional online marketing experience! Web Ad.vantage, a marketing agency that creates and implements measurable Internet advertising and promotional strategies, works with associations, companies and non-profit organisations to provide their members with world-class educational opportunities on the subject of online marketing.

Web Ad.vantage partners with your organisation to identify and promote learning opportunities relevant to your members. Our educational offerings deliver quality information in an interactive environment, directly through the Internet. No meeting facilities, no travel and no food and beverage costs required! Plus, Web Ad.vantage handles all the set up – all you need to do is book the date and promote the webinar event. It’s that simple.

All presentations are taught by Web Ad.vantage founder and president, Dana Thomases and last approximately one hour and include a Q&A session. Every participant will have access to a copy of the presentation for future reference. Web Ad.vantage provides a broad spectrum of topics outlined below from which to choose.
Costs Webcasts cost $2,500 for up to 50 attendees. Each additional attendee beyond 50 costs $30 for a one-hour presentation. To learn more please contact us at 0402 165 128 or

Webinar Topics

The ABCs Of Online Marketing Marketing through the Internet is still a mystery to many. Even the terminology – “Page Views,” “Unique Users,” “HTML,” “Ad Servers,” “Search Engine Optimisation” – are all foreign and strange. What really works? This seminar will cover the basics of online marketing and detail how to choose those tools that best fit your business. Learn to:

  • Differentiate between various online marketing solutions
    • Terms & definitions
  • Match online marketing strategies to your business
    • What works for each type of company
    • Case studies
  • How to execute your strategies

How To Market Your Products & Services Using Email Email is the #1 reason why people go online. For the beginner email marketer, this seminar focuses on the basics of email marketing. This seminar will help uncover which strategies are the most effective and what should be avoided.

  • Email marketing to an in-house list
    • The benefits of an in-house list
    • Case studies
  • How to rent third party lists to email market to new prospects
    • Double opt-in lists – what are they and where to find them
    • Case studies
    • Avoiding the “Spam” label
  • Typical costs
  • Email marketing solution providers
    • What type of vendor do you need?
  • Best practices & standards

Maximize Email Marketing ROI Email marketing is the “killer app” for the new millennium. Quicker and cheaper than direct mail, email marketing can help you strengthen existing customer relationships and build new ones. However, pitfalls abound for inexperienced email marketers. This seminar will show you how to increase your marketing performance using email marketing and avoid problems. Learn to:

  • Use email as an acquisition tool
    • List rental
    • Advertising – newsletter classifieds and sponsorships
    • HTML vs. Text creative
    • Tracking
  • Use email as a retention/communication tool
    • Email ASP options
    • E-newsletters as promotional tools
  • Delivery issues: timing, frequency, personalisation, preferences
  • Recognizing the pitfalls and avoiding them
  • Rules of SPAM

Internet As A Mass Media Promotional Tool With the online population projected to rise from 450 million to over 700 million individuals in the next two years, the Internet is moving firmly into the realm of mass media. Whether you’re announcing a worldwide release of a new product or just staying local, the Internet gives you the tools to quickly and inexpensively reach a diverse audience. This seminar will cover the following promotional tools:

  • Marketing plans – provide the structure
  • Media buying & advertising
  • Taking advantage of contest frenzy
  • Online PR & promotions
  • Strategic partnering

The Web As An Advertising Alternative With the numbers of Internet users increasing every year, there’s an excellent chance that your customers can be reached online for less than you’re currently paying for TV, print or direct mail. This seminar will cover the variety of online advertising methods available, their costs and their standard returns.

  • The Web’s Power of Targeting
    • By demographic
    • By geography
    • By interest groups
  • Overview of online ad methods
    • Graphic ads (banners, etc.) and text ads
    • Sponsorships
    • Paid-For Search Engine Placements
    • Email Advertising
  • Media Strategies
    • CPM vs. CPC vs. CPA vs. bidding

How To Decipher Your Web Traffic Logs Your website traffic stats can provide you with valuable information you can use to fine tune your site and generate more revenue per visitor. However, you don’t need to wade through the mountains of data that some web stat reporting tools provide. This seminar will uncover which key metrics you should keep an eye on in order to maximize efficiency.

  • Traffic stats – what are they and how can they help
  • Key metrics to watch
    • How to put your findings to use
    • Hits vs. Visitors
    • Page Views
    • Paths
    • Popular Pages
    • Referrals
  • Web traffic tools – what they do and which is right for you

Performance Based Online Advertising Online marketing’s greatest advantage over the majority of traditional advertising mediums is its flexibility and accountability. Due to the power of tracking, performance-based advertising is becoming more widely used. Used correctly, performance-based advertising will boost your marketing campaign’s ROI while providing you with exceptional branding opportunities. This seminar will cover:

  • An Overview of online ad industry
    • The drift towards performance based ads
    • The difference between a performance and a CPM buy
  • How performance-based advertising works
    • Who’s doing it and why
    • Expectations and typical conversion rates
    • Tracking
    • Case studies

The Why, When And How Of Buying Search Engine Keywords One of the best ways to utilize the targeting ability of online advertising is through buying keywords on major search engines and directories. However, it isn’t so simple as calling up Yahoo! and asking to purchase all the impressions for the major words that describe your business. You’ll need to:

  • Decide between using simple and targeted keyword, blend keywords, or run-of-site impressions
    • Establish pricing and expectations
    • Track your ads

Tracking Ads From Click To Sale Tracking of your online advertising efforts will ensure that you get an effective ROI. With tracking you will be able to optimize your campaign and accurately attribute how much revenue was generated via your efforts. This seminar will start you on the path by teaching you:

  • What methods to use
    • Possible vendors
    • Jump pages
    • Benefits

The Ins & Outs Of Search Engine Optimisation Over 85% of all sites are found via a search engine or directory. Can your site afford not to be among them? Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the one Digital Marketing strategy every company should undertake. Simply put, when someone types in a keyword pertaining to your business, is your site in the top 10 or the top 200? It could make a huge difference to your site’s traffic. This seminar will provide you with the information you need to develop and execute an SEO strategy.

  • Are you a good SEO candidate? – who searches and why
  • What is SEO?
    • Definition
    • Benefits
    • Examples
    • Beware of the ever-changing search engine submittal policies
  • Outsourcing options
    • Is there such a thing as an SEO guarantee?
    • Where to go to learn more

Five Must-Do Online Marketing Activities Online marketing is a vital component in today’s marketing mix. If you do nothing else, the topics covered in this seminar will help shape your online marketing strategy and give you the most bang for your buck:

  • Harness the power of email marketing
  • Construct a search engine-friendly website
  • Test pay-per-listing search engine advertising
  • Develop sticky content fit for republication
  • Leveraging your URL

GENERAL BUSINESS TOPICS Leading Remote Teams Of Employees Technological advances have made telecommuting a more acceptable and common practice. The benefits to employees are numerous, but managers need to be able to maximize their employee’s performance while working remotely. This seminar will cover:

  • Background of the rise of the “virtual workforce”
  • How a remote team of employees can benefit your organisation
  • Understanding the benefits to your employees
  • How to manage and lead a remote workforce
    • Best Leadership Practices
    • Case Studies

Website Content/Usability For those companies that view the Web as a mission-critical communication and sales tool, the content and ease-of-use for your website is of the utmost importance. Your customers must be able to find the relevant information and complete processes quickly and simply. This seminar will show ways to:

  • Design easy-to-use navigation
  • How to use content to:
    • Create stickiness – focus on your customer’s/the media’s needs
    • Become a valuable resource to customers
    • Move sales cycle forward
    • Public Relations
  • Sample “best of breed” site designs

How To Use The Web To Enhance PR Efforts The Web is a powerful mass-marketing tool that businesses can use to quickly spread the word about their products and services or news. Through the Web’s numerous communication channels, your company’s news can reach journalists, customers and your investors. This seminar will cover:

  • Web-based PR tools
  • How to spread the word quickly through email
    • Email ASP solutions vs. in-house software
  • Benefits of an online press room
    • What journalists and investors need and why
    • Sample “best of breed” online press rooms
  • Writing a press release – what it must include


The reason we started working with Web Ad.vantage was because Glass Jacobson needed a way to provide data on the ROI of our website and digital marketing efforts. After more than a year of Web Ad.vantage\'s quarter-over-quarter web analytics analysis, we have more than validated our efforts. 

-Sarah Janowitz Sedlak, Director of Business Development
Glass Jacobson

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