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Call Tracking

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Call Tracking is a unique and accurate way to track off-line leads and revenue from online (pay per click advertising, online media buying, website pages) and off-line marketing campaigns (direct mail, print, broadcast, outdoor ads w/URLs).

Call Tracking works by assigning unique, trackable toll-free phone numbers to any marketing campaign, and gathering data from that call to not only track it back to its original source, but to get information about the caller. For example, geographical data by area code, caller ID data for your database, the referral source that generated the call, and a call recording feature to help train sales staff and determine the effectiveness of the call center. All this data is available 24/7 via a secure online reporting software.

Call Tracking is a huge win for advertisers who employ a multi-channel strategy. From a single dashboard, marketers get a real-time view of their campaigns and can optimize campaigns on the basis of measurable results.

Increase Sales with Call Tracking

Did you know that 18% of calls to a business go unanswered? You can collect data on every call your company receives with Call Tracking, even if the call was missed, met with a busy signal or came in before or after hours. Gain vital intelligence about the prospects and customers who call in response to your marketing and sales efforts, and leverage that knowledge to turn callers into buyers.

Categorize, prioritize, and personalize your callbacks. You can provide lead lists to your sales team. You can automatically feed data into your CRM system or lead manager and re-use the data in future targeted marketing campaigns.

Maximize profitability

  • Ensure staff accountability and discipline by knowing how calls and marketing dollars are being handled.
  • Learn how many calls are being missed or left on hold
  • Make sure your sales staff follows up on every lead
  • Use call recordings to significantly boost customer service levels

Call Tracking and Paid Search Campaigns

The way Call Tracking works with Pay Per Click Campaigns is actually very simple. We can assign up to thousands of keywords a unique, individual toll free number. With some simple java script coding on the site and coding on the keyword destination URL’s, the phone numbers on the site landing page change when a paid search ad is clicked, based on the keyword and coding in the destination URL. These toll free numbers are then mapped to your local number so you aren’t double billed for a toll free (long distance) call. You can now see what keywords are driving online sales as well as phone calls.

Call tracking is a product all online marketers need! If you aren’t tracking your offline sales by tying them to their online campaigns, you simply can’t measure your true ROI from your online marketing campaigns.

Interested in discussing your call tracking needs with us? Contact Web Ad.vantage today via our Online Request for Proposal form or call us at 0402 165 128.


Web Ad.vantage has been very responsive to our needs and the people are a pleasure to work with. We had been trying to manage the process ourselves with mixed results. The agency has taken an important and potentially time consuming function off our hands and have delivered outstanding results! 

--Greg Lazzaroni, CEO

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