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Email Marketing Strategy

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Email marketing is on the rise worldwide. With response rates that range from 3-15%, savvy marketers can’t overlook the power, effectiveness, and cost savings that responsible, opt-in email marketing can bring to an organisation. Web Ad.vantage can help integrate email marketing tactics into your Digital Marketing plan.

Who Needs Email Marketing?

These are just a few of the kinds of organisations whose Digital Marketing plans have benefited from the implementation of opt-in email marketing.

  • Consumer Businesses
  • Universities & Private Education
  • Industrial Businesses
  • Non-Profits
  • Service Firms
  • Associations & Trade Groups

Use email to Acquire New Customers

Email marketing is a powerful tool for acquiring new customers. Web Ad.vantage can help you from start to finish with:

  • Opt-In Strategy & Planning (Opt-in email is the right way to market your business via email. Web Ad.vantage will help you avoid looking like a “spammer”.)
  • List Rental And Media Buying
  • Co-Registration
  • Crafting Compelling Subject Headers (that will get your emails opened and read!)
  • Email Copywriting and Design
  • Developing Incentives
  • Response-Planning
  • Tracking And Campaign Evaluation email As a Relations Management Tool

Use your existing database of customers and prospects to build awareness, educate, sell, and service. Every time you use email you are strengthening your relationship and for only about 5% of the cost it takes to run a traditional direct mail campaign!

Want to discuss our email marketing services? Contact Web Ad.vantage today via our online Request for Proposal form or call us at 0402 165 128.


How a SEM plan is carried out, nurtured, and developed over a timeline are the factors that determine positive results. Web Ad.vantage 

--Tom Rowe, Director of Web Marketing
Tourism Australia

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