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Viral Marketing Services

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Viral marketing is a powerful marketing tool you can use to quickly spread the word about your company using your best evangelists: your customers.

Hotmail, for example, signed up over 12 million users in its first 18 months of operation using viral marketing. An estimated 80% of the recipients of a viral marketing piece pass it on to at least one other individual – at NO COST to you. Even better, as your message comes from a friend there is an element of implied approval that will enhance your response rate.

Web Ad.vantage can develop a viral marketing campaign to help you generate awareness or to stimulate specific action. We can help you:

  • Select the best method to deliver your viral marketing campaign
  • Develop incentives and a personalisation strategy
  • Provide tracking options
  • Avoid brand dilution and association with unwanted groups

Interested in discussing your viral marketing future with us? Contact Web Ad.vantage today via our Online Request for Proposal form or call us at 0402 165 128.


Since our launch in May 2005, we have seen our website traffic double! Higher rankings have resulted in highly targeted lead inquiries for various cosmetic procedures. We recently determined that over 25% of all of our new patients for the practice are originating from our own website. 

--Leeza Rodriguez,
Marketing and Operations Manager

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