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Light Bulb Moments

In every online marketing campaign, there are moments when we’re able to tell the story behind the data in such a way that makes our clients say, “A-ha! Now I get it!” We like to call them “Light Bulb Moments.”

In our 12 plus years as a performance-driven online marketing agency, we understand how important it is to not only do great work and deliver good results, but to also help clients understand the deeper meaning behind what we do.

Whether we’re doing search engine optimisation, pay per click search advertising, or online media buying and planning, each tactic has a story to tell and lessons to be learned. It’s these stories and lessons that ultimately translate into greater learnings for our clients that increase ROI, cost savings, and create efficiencies.

We invite you to read about our client’s Light Bulb Moments and hope they inspire you to discover yours.

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Since our launch in May 2005, we have seen our website traffic double! Higher rankings have resulted in highly targeted lead inquiries for various cosmetic procedures. We recently determined that over 25% of all of our new patients for the practice are originating from our own website. 

--Leeza Rodriguez,
Marketing and Operations Manager

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