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Web Ad.vantage Client Testimonials

Hear what our Clients have to say about Web Ad.vantage’s customer service and quality of work.

Tom Rowe, Director of Web Marketing, Tourism Australia

"How a SEM plan is carried out, nurtured, and developed over a timeline are the factors that determine positive results. Web Ad.vantage's approach has fortified Baltimore's position across the entire search landscape and continues to strive for improved rankings and make enhancements to all of our programs and initiatives. Beyond search, they have become an invaluable partner in realizing success in both paid media placements and social media outreach."

Theresa Galletta, Owner, Our Armario

We have enjoyed working with Web.Advantage and have learned a significantamount about what to do to take our website to the next level by optimizing our site properly and incorporating social media. We came towork with Web.Advantage after looking into different SEO consultants andattending several webinars and seminars that were presented by the Owner,Dana White. We found her presentations enlightening in that shetailored each of her presentations to her audience, researching eachindividual company, their website and social media presence.

Afterenduring a redesign of our website utilizing a CMS we decided it was timeto invest in optimizing the site properly so that we would increase ourvisibility and increase revenue for our business. We interviewed otherconsultants and decided after seeing the professionalism and expertisebehind Web.Advantage they were the right choice for us. The informationthat was provided to us prior to (proposal) and after the initialexamination of our site (plan of action) was extremely thorough, very easyto follow and enabled us to execute tasks ourselves.

In one month sincewe have gone through the recommended steps for optimizing our site newvisits have increased 48%. Everyone conducts themselves professionallyand are readily available to assist us with questions, provide additionalexplanations or to even walk us through a task step by step. Working withWeb.Advantage has enabled us to fine-tune and create a well-built, content-and keyword-rich site that has brought more web visibility to our presentand future business.

Sarah Janowitz Sedlak, Director of Business Development, Glass Jacobson

“The reason we started working with Web Ad.vantage was because Glass Jacobson needed a way to provide data on the ROI of our website and digital marketing efforts. After more than a year of Web Ad.vantage’s quarter-over-quarter web analytics analysis, we have more than validated our efforts — Our firm’s partners are now totally on-board and understand the value of our continued efforts, so much so that they approved the hiring of another marketing person to assist in these endeavors.

To have had Web Ad.vantage’s guidance on prioritizing action steps based on their analysis was hugely valuable. As a former marketing department of one (me), who had little to no time to perform this kind of deep analysis and prioritisation on my own, this prioritisation meant that instead of staring at my computer screen each day wondering what I should focus on, I could instead work on implementing three to five of Web Ad.vantage’s recommendations and move our digital marketing successes forward.”

Linda Wyse, formerly of Endo Pharmaceuticals

“After the suggested changes we made to our site, we saw a tremendous improvement to our ranking. Impressive results based on changes. Extremely responsive when needed.”

Nancy Dysard, Director for Marketing and Public Relations, Harford Community College

“Web Ad.vantage Inc. hires experts in their field who provide first class, professional service to their clients. They help to explain ideas and concepts in laymen’s terms and deliver as promised and on time. The website audit and assessment service gave us an expert outsider’s look into our site and provided critical feedback as to how we should redesign our site to make it more organized, current, and most importantly, user-friendly. The most helpful takeaway we had from working with Web Ad.vantage was the need for a user-friendly content management system, and they helped us identify what to look for in one. Web Ad.vantage, Inc. was very responsive during the entire process, kept me on track, and was more than happy to complete any task that I requested. ”

Ellen Briggs, President of Family Food Experts (Kid Kritics)

“Thank you. And, more thanks for the sweepstakes program. We see no end in sight in running this. It has really helped us. And, my favorite time of the week is when I call the winner!”

Cassandra Koenen, Director Online Campaigns and Marketing International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

“Web Ad.vantage is our media buyer of choice. We continue to work with them because, not only do they respond to our needs in record time, but their accuracy and understanding of what we need in a media buy continues to be impressive.”

“Web Ad.vantage keeps up abreast of changes in the industry and is able to recommend new, key, strategic sites to target that always perform well above average. Our last campaign had a CTR of 0.28% and generated more than 5,800 conversions over a two-week period. Their professionalism and attention to detail as well as their expertise in the field keep us coming back. We trust them implicitly and couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Andy Garcia, Director of Marketing, Long® Fence and Home

“We view Web Ad.vantage as a key partner in our business and marketing efforts. The Web Ad.vantage team of professionals is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and strives to exceed our expectations. The PPC campaign Web Ad.vantage developed and manages has contributed to outstanding leads and sales results. As a result of our Internet successes, we’re just starting to explore Web Ad.vantage’s other online marketing services for ourselves. We’re glad they’re a full-service Digital Marketing agency. I highly recommend Web Ad.vantage.”

Director of Marketing Communications, North Metropolitan TAFE

"Web Ad.vantage guided us through the intricacies of search engine marketing, recommending strategies based on our specific needs and budget. They responded quickly and expertly to our questions and concerns, always displaying patience and understanding. I especially appreciated the reassuring manner in which they followed through on details. They identified and addressed specific items that were discussed, sharing their expertise and assuring that we were satisfied throughout every step of the process. With Web Ad.vantage, I felt that I was working with a business partner dedicated to achieving the goals of my organisation. Services were delivered as promised, in a timely manner and with the utmost care and quality. In this rapidly-changing industry, it is refreshing to work with a company who can guide us through the very complex world of search engine marketing. I heartily recommend Web Ad.vantage and have the highest level of confidence in their abilities.”

Daniel E. Porreca, Executive Director, WNY HealtheLink

“HealtheLink hired Web Ad.vantage as a consulting firm to help assess ways in which to monetize our website through online advertising. We selected Web Ad.vantage for their clear ability to grasp our organisation’s needs. Web Ad.vantage’s timely delivery of comparative research, web site analysis & improvement recommendations, and ad revenue earnings potential was timely and realistic. Their dedication, honesty and professionalism were greatly appreciated. I would recommend Web Ad.vantage – they've proven to be insightful and strategic thinkers.”

Tom Floyd, CEO, Insight Educational Consulting

Tom Floyd, CEO of Insight Educational Consulting, hosts “Insight on Coaching,” a weekly radio show dedicated to professional coaching. It airs live on the Voice America Business Channel, the world’s largest internet radio channel. In a recent episode “Coaching Successes with Web 2.0,” Tom mentions his positive experience with Web Ad.vantage at the close of the show. Listen to the audio testimonial from Tom.

Dan Auer, CEO & COO, Decorative Product Source, Inc

“Having dealt with several SEO firms over the past few years, I can say that working with the folks at Web Ad.vantage was like a breath of fresh air. The personalized attention we received and the speed in which they completed the project speak to the type of service you would expect to receive from a small to mid-sized agency. The quality of their work and the professionalism their team displayed is what really sets them apart from the crowd. They took the time to really understand our business model and our site architecture (and limitations of our platform/presentation). Their recommendations were well thought out and presented with specific examples and action items. We were able to easily prioritize and implement their suggestions and have seen steady and consistent increases in relevant site traffic and sales. We have continued seek their advice as we further refine our SEO efforts and target more specific categories and areas of the site. I would recommend them without hesitation as a quality vendor, or perhaps better said – as a quality partner.”

Leeza Rodriguez, Web Marketing Director,

“We would like to thank the Web Ad.vantage team for our continued success at Since our launch in May 2005, we have seen our website traffic double! Most importantly, our search engine results pages for important cosmetic procedure keywords has continued to improve on a quarterly basis. Higher rankings have resulted in highly targeted lead inquiries for various cosmetic procedures. We recently determined that over 25% of all of our new patients for the practice are originating from our own website , Web Ad.vantage not only delivers results, but you have been instrumental in bringing us up the SEO learning curve. Web Ad.vantage not only brought us the fruits of the sea, but also taught us HOW to fish. Your staff is always available for questions and insight. SEO is now an inherent consideration for any type of design change or content modification we made at the website.”

Greg Sterling, Sterling Marketing Solutions

“Dana is one of the best and most sophisticated experts on Digital Marketing out there. As a contributor to ZDTV’s Working the Web, she has added immeasurably to the quality and credibility of our site.”


Web Ad.vantage continues to strive for improved rankings and make enhancements to all of our search engine optimisation programs and initiatives. Beyond search, they have become an invaluable partner in realizing success in both paid media placements and social media outreach. 

--Tom Rowe, Director of Web Marketing
Tourism Australia

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