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Google+ User Responses

Google Plus White PaperWeb Ad.vantage president, Dana White, is the weekly “Digital Entrepreneur” columnist for In preparation to write an article for her column about passionate Google+ business users, she put the word out to her social media networks and other resources. She posed the question, “Are you passionate about using Google+ for business? If so, why?”

In all, more than 30 users responded. This document compiles all responses Dana received, even those that did not go on to answer her additional questions.

Are You a Challenger Brand? How to Tell if Your Brand is Ready to Take on the Market

What marketing characteristics do the great Challenger Brands and companies of the past 15 years share? Learn about the eight credos of successful challenger brands in this report.

Challenger Brands feel and know in their gut they are or need to be different in their approach to market. If this feels and sounds like you, read on to learn more about what makes Challenger Brands different and their guiding philosophies.

Why Digital? Market Trends & Data Justifying the Shift to Digital Marketing

When it comes to marketing, many companies, especially those planted firmly in the traditional marketing mindset, struggle with the decision to "go digital."

In this report, Web Ad.vantage presents market trends and data from a variety of trusted sources that help to justify the decision to go from traditional to digital marketing.

Web Ad.vantage Report: A Survey of Online Women's Reactions to Advertising

To shed light on women's behaviors, preferences and attitude towards online advertising, Web Ad.vantage surveyed 1,700 "wired women" over the age of 18. Web Ad.vantage asked women to respond to questions related to ad format preferences, time of day they were likely to respond to ads, and experience on destination and landing pages.

The results have been compiled in "Web Ad.vantage Report: A Survey of Online Women's Reactions to Advertising." The report identifies the "Seven Immutable Laws of Online Advertising to Women" which address key characteristics that marketers should be aware of when considering women's experience online.

Light Bulb Moments

In every online marketing campaign, there are moments when we're able to tell the story behind the data in such a way that makes our clients say, "A-ha! Now I get it!" We like to call them "Light Bulb Moments."

Whether we're doing search engine optimisation, pay per click search advertising, or online media buying and planning, each tactic has a story to tell and lessons to be learned. It's these stories and lessons that ultimately translate into greater learnings for our clients that increase ROI, cost savings, and create efficiencies.

Online Marketing Glossary

Our comprehensive Online Marketing Glossary provides definitions for online marketing terms organized by category. It includes definitions for Online Media Buying, Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimisation, and Social Media Marketing.


The programs you and your team have developed for us continue to exceed my goals and prove to be the most powerful tools in our marketing set. It is a partnership that I truly appreciate, both for the quality of the work and the quality of the people. 

--Tom Rowe
Director of Web Marketing

Tourism Australia

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