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A content Management System (CMS) is simply the back-end of your website. If you’re not coding HTML pages in text files and then uploading them via FTP access, chances are you’re using some type of CMS. Your Content Management System allows you create, modify, and update your site’s pages but it also dictates how the site is then presented in a browser.

When it comes to SEO, the CMS you use or choose could be a make or break component of your website. Therefore, while a site is in development or re-development it’s critical to ensure that the CMS under consideration will be search engine friendly. To that end, Web Ad.vantage’s service includes due diligence on the proposed CMS software product or content management system under consideration.

For a site currently operating on an existing CMS, Web Ad.vantage can provide a Content Management System Assessment, noting particular hurdles that might be causing problems with search engines indexing your site.

Our CMS-related Services

While we’ve certainly seen our share of SEO-friendly and not-so-SEO-friendly Content Management Systems, there are just as many available out there today that we have not seen or reviewed and do not exist in our extensive internal file of CMS SEO notes. Whether we’ve seen your particular CMS in prior work or not, our SEO for CMS will include a fresh assessment of your current or proposed Content Management System including:

  • phone calls to the software creator
  • talking to other clients who have used the software
  • running the CMS through our SEO due diligence check list
  • conclusions and specific recommendations with respect to your CMS how it pertains to SEO

Learn More About SEO for CMS

Interested in finding out what our SEO for CMS can do for you?

Our SEO staff spends a great deal of their time online reading SEO news and updates from the search engines and are sent to advanced training workshops throughout the year. Many members of our staff also maintain personal websites of their own to allow for a great deal of testing SEO implementations and techniques prior to recommending them for client sites. Our team is made up of an even blend of technical experts and creative mindsets since SEO is neither science nor art, but both!

Whether your site is already live online or in the design stages, Web Ad.vantage can help you ensure your CMS is SEO friendly. Contact Web Ad.vantage today using our online Request for Proposal form, or call us at 0402 165 128.


Web Ad.vantage keeps us abreast of changes in the industry and is able to recommend new, key, strategic sites to target that always perform well above average. Our last campaign had a CTR of 0.28% and generated more than 5,800 conversions over a two week period! 

-Cassandra Koenen,
Director, IFAW

International Fund for Animal Welfare

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