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International PPC

Most U.S.-based companies are familiar with the idea of Pay Per Click Advertising. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, be sure to review our Pay Per Click Management Services page for basic information.

International marketing is the flip side to local marketing online. If your site is an extension of your brick and mortar location (think pizza parlor) and you’re not offering to ship products or provide services worldwide, your niche audience is based on a specific locale.

But if your company has the ability to ship products worldwide, or wishes to attract an international clientèle, then reaching a broader audience is something you actively seek. Why limit yourself to attracting visitors from the United States? Why not consider using search marketing to specifically attract an international audience?

While International SEO can help increase your organic visibility in mainstream search engines for internationally targeted terms as well as increase your visibility in the popular search engines used most frequently in other countries, International PPC can help reach those same consumers living in other countries as well.

Advertising opportunities in search aren’t limited to Google, Yahoo, and MSN and their country specific versions (such as,,, Our International PPC can help you develop additional paid search campaigns in popular country-specific search engines as well. For example, in Korea, in the Netherlands, and in China.

Increase Your Brand’s Global Reputation and Visibility

Web Ad.vantage has been providing our International clients with PPC campaign management, tactical advice, and general best practices for years. One of the most recent client campaigns involved helping a leading security technology company increase leads aimed at CIOs, IT Managers, and IT Network Administrators from Finland, Europe, India, Japan and Singapore. Armed with the knowledge and experience of both international best practices and the fundamental understanding necessary to manage any PPC Campaign, our client saw the following significant results from their International PPC campaign:

  • Increasing leads by 165% without increasing lead cost
  • Reducing cost-per-lead (CPL) by over 50% since inception
  • Ad copy testing of English vs. local language ads (local languages performed better)
  • Assisting with the creation of custom-language landing pages that increased intenrational leads by 300%

Our PPC Specialists Are Ready To Help

From the initial keyword research and budget forecasting to full paid search marketing campaign management, our Google and Yahoo certified PPC Specialists are ready to help you reach the international audience of your choice. We’re able to help you:

  • Set up and test your paid search campaign
  • Recommend monthly/daily spends
  • Write and edit ad copy and provide recommendations for how these might be translated into other languages. [To avoid potential ad copy embarrassments and to increase the effectiveness of ads, Web Ad.vantage recommends that ads be translated by native speakers involved in the client's industry.]
  • Assist clients with landing page optimisation, providing tips on how to use images, text, offers, and other details to increase conversions.
  • Provide daily campaign optimisation, position maintenance, and conversion tracking
  • Provide ongoing recommendations about advanced campaign optimisation tactics such as day parting, geo-targeting, contextual targeting, AB ad copy testing, and multivariate landing page testing.
  • Keep client up to date on industry changes that affect their PPC campaigns

Ready to Learn More About International PPC?

Find out what our paid search marketing team can do for you?
We provide a variety of local and international businesses with comprehensive campaign management and would love to discuss your specific needs and objectives with you. Contact Web Ad.vantage today using our online Request for Proposal form, or call us at 0402 165 128.


Since our launch in May 2005, we have seen our website traffic double! Higher rankings have resulted in highly targeted lead inquiries for various cosmetic procedures. We recently determined that over 25% of all of our new patients for the practice are originating from our own website. 

--Leeza Rodriguez,
Marketing and Operations Manager

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