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Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

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The arrival of Web 2.0 significantly changed the business of online marketing. Websites have evolved from static, information-only documents into fully interactive online communities where users create, contribute, and connect through shared interests. Social Media Optimisation, commonly referred to in the industry as SMO, is the art and science of making your website, your content, and the various media offered on your site better optimized for the new way consumers and site visitors are interacting online.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) Objectives

Social Media Optimisation by Web Ad.vantage consists of recommendations that help make the various types of content on your website more engaging, easier to share, and more user-friendly. We can help you optimize your images, videos, podcasts, and blog to appeal more to your users through enhanced content, organisation, and presentation. We’ll also show you how to add tagging, bookmarking, and other social networking features that motivate users to share and reference your website’s valuable content and encourage participation.

How does Social Media Optimisation Help SEO?

SMO is closely related to SEO in that both types of optimisation increase your website’s chances of being found, shared, and considered a valuable resource. If SEO is the practice of optimizing a website for the search engines, you can think of SMO as the practice of optimizing a website for the users. Adding SMO features to your website significantly increases its chance to grow, gaining more natural links and increased traffic. As web crawlers begin to recognize your website’s “community,” it becomes more valued by the search engines, which leads to higher organic rankings. Web Ad.vantage can help you develop a successful SMO strategy for your website that compliments your SEO plan and enhances the results.

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Web Ad.vantage, Inc. was very responsive during the entire process, kept me on track, and was more than happy to complete any task that I requested. 

-Nancy Dysard, Director for Marketing & Public Relations
Harford Community College

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