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PPC Campaign Audit

Submit an Online RFPDo you have a sneaking suspicion you're not getting the most from your PPC campaign? Think you're paying too much overall or even for specific keywords and not achieving the results you feel you should be generating for spending as much as you do? Always feel like you're competitors have the upper-hand and don't know how to surpass them?

Let Web Ad.vantage's independent third-party PPC Campaign Audit service give you some quick peace of mind. Think of it as a "report card" for your PPC campaign. With access to your PPC account, we can rate the strength of the following elements on a scale of A to F:

  • Your PPC campaign objectives against your actual achievement
  • Your objectives as realistic and reasonable given your budget and competitive landscape
  • The strength of your campaign against your competitors
  • The extent to which you take advantage of obvious and untapped keyword opportunities
  • How you track, report on, and analyze your campaign ROI
  • Your account settings and campaign structure, given your campaign objectives
  • The strength of your ad copy
  • The strength of your landing pages
  • The strength of your Quality score

Our PPC Campaign Audit service begins with a teleconference, after which we would begin our audit process upon being granted access to your PPC campaign. In addition to delivering a PPC Audit score card, we provide pivotal observations and key recommendations on how to improve upon these scores. We conclude the service by reviewing the score card and recommendations with you.

Even if your PPC campaign is already producing successful results, our PPC Campaign Audit will give insight into areas that can be further optimized to increase ROI. Give us a call at 0402 165 128 or contact us via our Online Request for Proposal form to learn how your PPC campaign can reap the benefits of an audit.


How a SEM plan is carried out, nurtured, and developed over a timeline are the factors that determine positive results. Web Ad.vantage 

--Tom Rowe, Director of Web Marketing
Tourism Australia

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