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If you’re looking to get your company online, have had little visibility in organic search rankings or just feel you’ve outgrown your current site — thinking of SEO during the initial stages can help you reach your business goals.

For companies or organisations seeking to design or re-design their websites with attention to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from the outset, Web Ad.vantage offers SEO for Site Design. From choosing a design and development team to deciding on a CMS for your website, we are able to offer guidance through the difficult and somewhat frustrating steps of the design or redesign process.

How the Process Works

Web Ad.vantage begins with an exploratory brainstorming and planning meeting to gain an understanding of your business and your search marketing goals. Reviewing your current website, your telephone and email inquiries, and answers to our specific questions can give us the edge we need to determine your critical areas of operation. Throughout this initial phase and our keyword research process, we’ll help you determine which keywords and phrases are currently driving traffic to your site via organic search results and look to identify the most appropriate terms to target.

During the design or redesign process, we will provide further recommendations for onsite elements that will come into play once the site is live. We often work in tandem with your design agency to ensure that the SEO aspects of your site will be in place once the site is launched.

SEO for Redesign Considerations

When redesigning a current site, special attention must also be given to the way search engines will perceive the changes from the old site to the new. We have helped a number of active SEO clients go through the redesign process, helping them face the issues particular to a site that is well-ranked in the search engines. Getting through the update transformation without losing major ground on important organic rankings, and the site traffic that comes with them, can be a daunting task. Our own site,, has also recently gone through a major site re-design update and has come out of the transition looking, and ranking, better than ever.

Continuing Optimisation Efforts

While including SEO techniques in the initial stages of website design or redesign is indeed a critical factor for all future SEO endeavors, the recommendations provided during the SEO for Design are a launching point and not ongoing search engine optimisation. True SEO must be performed consistently and thoroughly over time to ensure the achievement and maintenance of good natural search engine rankings. To help continue the search optimisation efforts begun during the site build or rebuild, clients often consider an annual (pro-rated) Search Engine Optimisation package after the site is launched.

Learn More About our SEO for Site Design

Interested in finding out what our SEO Team can do for you?
As leading agency for search engine optimisation and marketing, we have the experience and the skill set to help you during your website design or redesign phase. We have helped many new companies bring their presence online and have been fortunate to work with many clients during their redesign projects. We’ve seen them through the sometimes confusing glitches with clear instructions and recommendations for maintaining their visibility in the search engines. If you’re planning a new site or embarking on a site re-design, please contact Web Ad.vantage today using our online Request for Proposal form, or call us at 0402 165 128.


I am honored to have the chance to work with someone that is truly outstanding! 

--Stephen Coakley,

Rapid Registration, Inc.

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